Building a Voice Controlled Home Automation System with Arduino

Adapted from Voice Controlled Home Automation Using Arduino is an exciting project that aims to automate home appliances with the power of voice commands. In this project, voice instructions will be recognised, and text-to-speech conversion will be performed using an Android app. The HC-05 module will then be used to transmit the text data via Bluetooth to an Arduino microcontroller. […]

Adjustable Electronic Load Using Incandescent Lamps

[Adapted from Nuts and Volts Magazine] The humble incandescent light bulb doesn’t get much respect anymore. Facing extinction in many countries and being replaced by more modern and efficient alternatives like LEDs, the uses for these incandescent lamps are few these days. The long time electronics hobbyist (like me) is often left with drawers full […]

SPREADSHEETS – The Fortotten Analog Design Tool

[Adapted from Nuts and Volts Magazine] Nowadays, there’s a ton of software kicking around to greatly simplify the design and construction of electronic circuits. Packages to capture schematics, perform simulations, lay out printed circuit boards, and so forth, abound. The trouble is, most non-professionals can’t justify the typically stiff expense of these, especially when not […]

Stepper Motor Control with A4988 Stepper Motor Driver and Arduino UNO

A stepper motor is a type of brushless DC motor that divides a full rotation into a number of steps, thus allowing for precise control of the motor’s position. The A4988 driver is a versatile stepper driver for controlling stepper motors for various applications. When combined with an Arduino UNO microcontroller, the A4988 can be used to control a stepper motor in […]